The Best Carpet Cleaning Near Me – MUST KNOW INFORMATION

The Best Carpet Cleaning Near Me – MUST KNOW INFORMATION

Many of our amazing long-time clients began their search with “carpet cleaning near me” simply wishing to receive a quality carpet and tile cleaning service at a fair and honest price, all the while, hoping to avoid one of the many dishonest carpet cleaning companies located here in wonderful Las Vegas and Henderson areas. Yes, there are good companies out there and valuable information to help you make the best decision for you!

I’m sure you have heard of special such as “3 rooms for $69”, this is a bait and switch technique. Their entire focus in on the bait and switch…aka upon arrival to your home their entire goal is to double or triple the price of the original quote, sometimes exceeding even more. They do this by forcing the technicians to up-sell customers.  Their fake low prices usually do not include the basics and are solely there to lure you in!  

When this happens you, the customer, end up losing. Instead of focusing on delivering a great carpet cleaning experience for YOU, they tend to focus on profit over performance. At Noble Carpet Cleaners we include the basics such as Pre-treatment, Scrubbing, Hot-Water Extraction with technicians who wear shoe booties, use drop cloths to keep it neat and place corner guards to protect walls, corners, and baseboards.

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Here Are Some Tips & Questions to Ask after searching for “carpet cleaning near me”:

1.     Does the company hold an Institute ofInspection Cleaning & Restoration Certification (IICRC), Carpet & RugInstitute Certification (CRI) or any other professional training/accreditations?

a.    These certifications tell you that somebody in the organization has taken the time to better educate themselves and hopefully everyone else in the company.

b.    Beware; these certifications only mean something to you if the actual technician that shows up at your home holds the certification themselves or at a minimum has been trained to apply these industry standards.


2.     Are the Cleaning Technicians Employees of the company or are they Subcontracted?

a.    Beware of companies who subcontract technicians because that usually means less quality and more risk of bait and switch (aka surprise pricing at your home).

b.    Subcontractors by definition are not employees and therefore many don’t follow any standard protocol or have the professional industry certifications and accreditations. This company is most likely focused on volume NOT on creating quality long-term relationships with its clients.

c.     Make sure the “subcontractors” have valid State of Nevada business license and business insurance of their very own. It is the law! This helps to protect you if some sort of problem arises from the service.


3.     Does the price quote include “pre-treatment”for High Traffic and standard spots and spills?

a.    The “pre-treatment”is always included with Noble Carpet Cleaners. This product is sprayed on the carpet before cleaning and is designed to break down the grime, dirt, and soil attached to the carpet fibers.

b.    If the company doesn't include “pre-treatment” as part of standard pricing…RUNAWAY FAST!! That is the equivalent of washing your laundry without any detergent! With that “LOW too good to be real PRICE” aka “3 rooms for $69” they are most likely charging YOU to clean DIRTY carpets with “Water Only”. After they arrive at your home the plan is to surprise you with a price increase to “add-on”the “pre-treatment” that you needed to begin with. Most likely this service will also be performed with terrible equipment that achieves terrible results!

c.     You should ask about any additional treatments and/or services they suggest that would change the standard cleaning price being quoted.  Ask this at the very beginning because you want to avoid any last-minute “surprise prices” at your home.

d.     You should expect additional charges for issues such as pet stains and treatments, attempted colored stain removals, re-application of the factory Scotch Guard, carpet deep scrubbing machine, and speed dry carpet with high-velocity fans.

The next time you are looking for “carpet cleaning near me” remember to bring up these important points when doing your research. These important points will save you time, stress and money!

We are VETERAN OWNED& OPERATED! We offer a simple fully automated 24/7 online booking service that allows you to do two important things. First, you can view all of our up-front prices and the cost of any additional services. Secondly, you can view all of our current openings and pick the date and time best for you.

Simply follow the prompts in the online booking portal for the best carpet cleaning near me.Our 2-hour arrival windows fill up quickly because our technicians are limited to a maximum of 3 jobs per day to ensure that we maintain the highest level of service. (schedule service)