Do you have what it takes to be our next client?

  If the title grabbed your attention-good! The world of social media marketing is an interesting place. It’s not always easy to get through to your audience, but since you actually clicked on it, stick around a few minutes. You might just have what it takes to be our next client! Wait, “who is this jackass and why is he using the term client?”,you might say. “This isn’t my attorney. This isn’t my psychiatrist. This is just a carpet cleaning!” Maybe…but maybe there’s something more to what we offer. Maybe we ARE your psychiatrist! (Just kidding…maybe;)

    All jokes aside, we do view our people as clients, not merely customers. Customers simply pay for goods or services. Clients pay for those things too, but they also establish relationships with the service provider and receive advice. Client-focused businesses make clients the primary focus of the business, not a product or a service. So listen up, and I’ll tell you how you can get in on this action and become a full-fledged client! Literally Las Vegas Nobility!


1.    You Expect Effort.

      Our clients come from a variety of races, religions, politics, and income levels. But the tie that binds everyone together is that each of our clients expect a thorough,100% deep clean. They want a great carpet cleaning job and a great experience, from scheduling to the final walkthrough. Your technician arrives on-time, walks the property with you while listening to your concerns, then explains how he plans to make your service run smoothly and safely-with fantastic results! We’re not putting you on the clock, either. We schedule your service and devote the appropriate amount of time to ensure your service is all about you, not the next customer on the clock. Our clients need their time to be respected, and fully expect to get their money’s worth. They've read the yelp, google, and Facebook reviews, and they expect 5-Star service as well.  


2.    You Expect Honesty.

This seems like it should be easy, right? You pick up the phone to order a carpet cleaning service. The representative of the company describes the service, everything goes exactly to plan, and they honor their price. Beautiful! But, as you’re probably aware, this just isn’t the way it always goes in Vegas. You fall for the unbeatable coupon price, the technician explains why it's $150 more, and the results are less than stellar

      Noble clients expect honesty. We don’t make false promises or use shady tactics, and our pricing is transparent and easy to understand. In fact, we’re one of the only cleaning companies in Las Vegas that offers a fully online buying experience! When you click on from your smartphone, tablet, or desktop, you’ll be treated to Noble’s online pricing menu where you see EXACTLY what you’ll pay by selecting the services/package you want at a time and date that works for you! No funny stuff, and No-bull.


3.    You Expect Kindness.

Kindness isn’t necessarily just “please”and “thank you” and giving the family dog a gentle pat on the head. To Noble, kindness means caring enough about our client to do the right thing for them at all times. This means technicians that are ready to give you 100%. This means using corner guards to protect your walls and stairs, laying tarps to protect your floors, never cutting corners and always treating you right.The term “client” implies that we have an ongoing relationship, and that's why our #1 goal is to earn your repeat business! We built Noble from scratch as a client-focused carpet cleaner, because without our loyal clientele, I wouldn't be on writing blog posts...I'd be writing my resume!



So if you think you're ready for a carpet cleaning company like Noble, get your application in today! Go to and book your appointment online, or call Ryan or Jacob at the office to request a quote or schedule by phone. Commercial or residential, property manager or realtor; our clients always get The Royal Treatment at Noble Carpet Cleaners!

Semper Fi,

 The Noble Team


U.S. Marine Veteran-owned and operated since 2011.