Need a Rug cleaned? Drop it off to Noble! *(Service No Longer Available)

Whether your rug sits in front of the TV, in a child's play room, or the walkway from the garage, it gets dirty. Sometimes VERY dirty! Rugs are a perfect place for bacteria and allergens to dwell, and eventually that dirt and soil makes the fabric look dull and matted. After calling around to carpet cleaners all day, no one will come to your house for less than $100, and they don't have any openings until next week! Well, your family is flying into Vegas on Friday....whatever will you do?

Try Noble's Rug Drop-Off service!

*Please call or text 702-675-4348 to make sure our office is open before you drop off.

How it works: Pack your rug some snacks and jammies, he's sleeping over our warehouse for a couple days. Don't get separation anxiety... we'll treat the little guy right! Stain treatment, Pet Treatment (Additional) and custom-mixed cleaning solution will be applied at NO extra charge. Then, we'll clean the rug TWICE, and even clean the backing if possible! We'll blow dry and assess the finished fabric for any imperfections, and call you to pick up your little bundle of joy, rolled up safe and sound, clean & dry!

Prices are ONLY $.75/per sqft for synthetics and $1.50/per sqft for wool.

Call or Text a photo to 702-675-4348 for a consultation.

*Noble reserves the right to decline to service rugs that are dry-clean only, or very high risk fabrics such as hand-woven linen, cotton, silk, rayon, acrylic or delicate fibers. Call first or simply send a photo with your request to if you are unsure :)

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